Fishing Soap Dispenser Muskie Walleye Bluegill Underwater Artwork

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Handmade by hardcore fishermen. This piece is the perfect compliment to your cabin's kitchen sink, man cave bar, or fishing fanatic's master bath!

The metal pump is made from brushed stainless steel and screws into ceramic threads that are part of the clay soap bottle. No funky corks or lame glued on plastic tops. The ceramic threads elevate the ergonomic design and strength of the piece without sacrificing functionality.

Original underwater fish scene artwork drawn by Blake Anthony: Artist/Potter/Badass Fisherman

All our ceramics are dishwasher/microwave/food safe. Our Artwork will never fade scratch or wear off. We stand behind the superior quality of our handcrafted product.

Proudly made in Pittsburgh, PA

Handmade item

Materials: clay

Length: 7

Height: 6